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Professional color accuracy

                                                                   Gain a professional edge with a 4K UHD display
                                                                   that features integrated color correction and
                                                                   100% Adobe  RGB color gamut.


                                                                                          100% Adobe  RGB color gamut
           Optimized quiet cooling

           Work in peace with the optimized thermal system, which runs
           at under 40dbs — the equivalent of a library room.

                                                       Beautifully clean and pristine

                                                       All ConceptD™ chassis are treated with an innovative
                                                       micro-arc oxidation technique, that protects the body
                                                       from dirt and makes it easy to clean.

                                         The power to create

 The power to create, edit and showcase your work on the    Get a faster real-time preview while video editing, or smoothly export

 go. ConceptD™ mobile workstations meet all your creative    and render up to 6K video files and 3D designs.
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